Your Next Steps

In your exploration of your creative process, in your reading, your rambles, and your work with your creative notebook, what have you learned about yourself? Your abilities? Your dreams?

In your notebook, talk to yourself about the following questions and commit yourself to take specific steps in continue your creative growth:

What are your next steps?

How will you make space and time for your creative endeavors?  What will carry you toward the results you would like to see?

Make specific commitments about your next steps.


  • Choose a notebook and commit to writing at least a page a day for the next two months.  (Research says it takes 61 days — or two months — to develop a habit.)

For starters, use some of the topics suggested under the “Prompts” tab.

  • List some options of places where you’d like to ramble.

For ideas, see the “Ideas for Rambles” tab.

Choose things you’ve always wanted to do.  Choose things a little outside your comfort zone.  Do things that will fill your creative well.  Make dates with yourself and put them on your calendar.  Have fun!


What results would you like to see?

Think about what made you decide to explore and develop your creative process.  What results would you like to see from your creative efforts over the next few months?  The next year?

In your notebook, talk to yourself about these questions.  Be specific about what you’d like to accomplish.

Make a commitment to yourself to:

  • Keep a notebook
  • Go on rambles, and
  • Choose a creative project (large or small) that you’ll engage in.


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