About Cathy

Cathy_LIB4300CREATE! is the happy collision of the two halves of my life. One half—let’s call it the left half—has been spent as a financial management major, a law student and a lawyer in a trial practice, a college professor, even a university administrator. This has been the mature, linear, responsible side of my life. The side that paid the bills.

Much of that life I’ve spent teaching in a business school, in a city that provides an endlessly renewing pool of bright minds who’ve been out in the world and have entered a class or workshop with experiences to share and a reason to learn. They’ve taught me much, kept my mind alive, challenged me to find ways to intrigue, challenge, and entertain them.

But the law and the teaching were means to an end, to the other side of my life, which started in earnest at age 11 when I announced I wanted to be a mystery writer when I grew up.

In addition to the logical, linear side of my life, I’m also the author of five mystery novels (including St. Martin’s Malice Domestic Best Novel Award-winning Southern Fried) and other works.

I’ve combined my business and legal experience with my writing passion to serve as past-president of the mystery writers’ organization Sisters in Crime, on the national board for Mystery Writers of America, and as president of the regional Forensic Medicine Program.

I offer seminars and workshops on topics such as negotiation, communication skills, business ethics, and developing the creative process. Clients have included banks, internal audit teams, hospitals, physicians and health care groups, small businesses, HR professionals, not-for-profits, city-county governments, property managers, civic leadership training programs, writers, artists, and others.

If you are interested in exploring options for a seminar or workshop, contact me at cathy (at) cathypickens.com.

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